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Recent CAOHC students are talking:

  • Hannah, San Diego

    “Dr. McCall formats the information in a way that keeps you entertained. The way she interacts with the students encourages more participation.”

  • Beatris, Fremont

    “The training gave me a bigger picture of what life is with hearing, so much more than just putting on earphones.”

  • Fred, San Diego

    “Very Informative. Interactive. Great instructor.”

  • LeAnn, Portland

    “Probably the best Re-Cert course I have ever taken.”

  • Unknown, Ontario

    “Kirsten is awesome. She explains everything thoroughly and makes it fun!”

  • Gail, Seattle

    “Kirsten kept class lively. Creating atmosphere more conducive to learning and retaining.”

  • Janelle, Ontario

    “Beyond my expectations. Not boring at all. I enjoyed the class. The instructor was very knowledgeable in all subjects.”

  • Kathe, Ontario

    “I valued the knowledge, experience and delivery skills of the instructor.”

  • Tawnia, Seattle

    “I learned so much in this class that will be incredibly beneficial in my nursing career and that is a direct reflection on Dr. McCall. Thank you for making everything so easy to understand. I appreciate it!”

  • Judene, Oakland

    “I could tell the course director is very passionate about hearing. It motivates me to improve every patient I see through educating.”

  • Lynn, Irvine

    “I liked the hearing protection part the best…interesting to see all the differences.”

  • Thessemay, Seattle

    “Great director. Takes her time to make sure we understood.”

  • Keri, Seattle

    “Amazing! You did a great job of keeping everyone engaged. Perfect mix of humor, energy, participation, and learning.”

  • Stacy, Portland

    “Hands-on – asked students direct questions to keep us engaged.”

  • Jackie, Sacramento

    “The instructor is an engaging speaker. She kept me intrigued and I wanted to learn more.”

  • Susanne, Sacramento

    “Dr. McCall always does a fantastic job and her passion for hearing conservation is inspiring!”

  • Luz, Irvine

    “Loved how Kirsten created a comfortable environment.”

  • Scott, Phoenix

    “Great course. I learned many things that didn’t make sense to me until now. You are great at explaining things.”

  • Shannon, Seattle

    “Very informative and fun!”

  • Kathleen, Phoenix

    “Exceeded overall expectations. I learned more in 2.5 days than in 5 years of data entry, audiogram review and training from peers.”

  • John, Portland

    “I’m leaving with a clearly-communicated education to give me a good start!”

  • Samantha, Gillette, WY

    I knew nothing when I came to class and Kirsten did a great job explaining all of the valuable information.”

  • Marleena, San Diego

    “This was such an awesome class! I learned so much knowledge that will help me with my new job. Instructor fun, exciting, and kind.”

  • Anthony, Irvine

    “The best instructor! Patient, flowing, and knowledgeable. I came in with zero knowledge and came out with valuable information.”

  • Amanda, Seattle

    “I loved the way the course was taught…you can’t teach that. Comes from a passionate trainer. Exciting, engaging, easy to understand.”

  • Martha, San Diego

    “I really appreciate the instructor taking the time to show me how to understand the math for Standard Threshold Shifts. Thank you!”

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