COVID-19 Response 

Distance Learning Now Available

In response to COVID-19, CAOHC is allowing a pilot program of distance learning for the didactic portion of the CAOHC Occupational Hearing Conservationist certification courses.

The required practicum hours and proctored, final exam will still be conducted onsite and in-person with the Course Director.

Audiology CAT is offering this new format for the foreseeable future.

  • Day 1 & Day 2 / Distance Learning – Online instruction, using a password-protected Zoom meeting
    • Initial Students – Day 1 & Day 2 
    • Re-Cert Students – Day 2
  • Day 3 / Onsite Practicum & Final Exam – Students meet with instructor at specified site (various locations available) to perform required audiometric & hearing protection practicum.  Following successful completion of both practicums, students are eligible to log-on and take the proctored, online final exam.
    • Initial Students – approximately 5 hours
    • Re-Cert students – approximately 2.5 hours
    • Students are REQUIRED to bring device (ie:  laptop or tablet) to access final, online exam

Due to inclusion of a travel day between the two days of online instruction and the final day of onsite practicum / final exam, the course dates are not typically consecutive (eg:  Distance Learning –  Mon & Tues; Onsite Practicum/Exam – Thursday or Friday).   

NOTE: With new format, course dates are slightly different from those originally posted on the Audiology CAT or CAOHC website.  

Please refer to the CAOHC Distance Learning Schedule for the updated dates and locations by Audiology CAT.